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Breeze Through Every Bathroom Design

Give your clients their dream bathroom without taking up your precious time.

Create Bathroom Plans The Smarter Way

Clients come and go. Project deadlines are stressful, but they pass. What inspires you as an architect is the idea of shaping unique spaces that a family will call home, and watching the fruit of your labour be constructed.

You’ve got the entire process drilled down, and…

It’s amusing to watch clients as they struggle to describe all the tiny details they want in every space, especially the bathroom. But time is a luxury and you would rather be working on big, important stuff like optimising the size, shape, and ‘flow’ of a building.

Unfortunately, those tiny details they desire often mean three things: 

  • redrawing the bathroom plan
  • resubmitting to building control 
  • increased costs and frustration

That’s time you could be reinvesting in your craft by targeting new clients, doing things that make you happy, or simply taking a breather.

Let Us Help You

Draw Bathroom Plans the Smarter Way

At Wallingford Tiles & Bathrooms we truly understand the uniqueness of each project, from the space allotted for the bathroom to the homeowner’s special requirement; no two projects are ever alike.

Our talented team are experts at taking the time to extract requirements from customers and translating that to designs they love, saving you the time doing it or adding a new service to your repertoire.  We deliver clean and uncluttered contemporary designs & timeless classics using reliable, trusted brands to offer the best in longevity and value.

Work With Us Today

Stay ahead of the competition
We Help You Make Dreams Come True

We help cut down on the time and cost of creating a bathroom plan that not only satisfies client’s unique tastes but meets building regulations and gets the contractor’s nod of approval.

We Know Building Regulations

With our extensive experience in both bathrooms and construction, we confidently guide homeowners through all available options to ensure their bathroom remains beautiful and fully protected for as long as possible.

Designed to Specifications

We help you get homeowners’ idiosyncratic desires for their bathroom on paper… so you can cut out time taken for them to describe their dream bathroom and get right on to what matters – the big picture.

Save Time, Make Everyone Happy

Our team explores every tile, shower head, and sink placement option with homeowners then turns it into a design they love; saving you and clients from costly & time-consuming revisions

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Free yourself from the tiny bathroom details so you can fully focus on making the big picture your work of art

How It Works

We Listen.

We Understand.

We Design.

Each homeowner has a unique vision for their bathroom project and our goal is to deliver the best design and functionality in the space available. One of our professional designers will work with you step by step as we bring all the smart details and tasteful design ideas your clients have for their bathroom to life.

3-Step Process

Supporting your creativity

1. Send Us Your Layout

We only need the dimensions of the bathroom and an interactive session with the homeowner. Our designers will turn their dream bathroom into a workable plan where every fixture, tap, and waste pipe is practical to build & meets building regulations.

2. We’ll Extract The Details

Homeowners often have a vague idea of what they want for their bathroom and find all the decisions overwhelming. We’ve developed a process that helps guide them through the details and simplify the decisions, so we can translate every unique detail into a concrete plan.

3. Import, Integrate and Approve

All our designs are easy for the customer to understand and you can easily use them to keep your drawings up to date if required, leaving you with free time to concentrate on other areas of the project.

Hear From Our Clients.

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Free yourself from the tiny bathroom details so you can fully focus on making the big picture your work of art

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